Hymn Tunes


The Song is Faith (2007) collection of 43 hymn tunes (listed by title)
Published by Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

Builders for Eternity - WEBSTER, 1994 (text by the composer)

Bless This Child We Give to You, Lord - BAPTISM PRAYER, 1995 (text: Mary Jackson Cathey)

By Faith Have God's Saints Walked from Age into Age - FAITH JOURNEY, 2000 (text: James Hart Brumm)
Commissioned for the 175th anniversary of Webster Presbyterian Church

Caroling Bells, Speak to the Morning - BELLSONG, 1995 (text: Beth Rice Luttrell)

Christ Has Come, Is Here among Us - CHRISTLIGHT, 1996 (text: Rae E. Whitney)

Christ, You Come to Us - OPEN FEAST, 1996 (text: Carson P. Cooman)

Come Join In Praise and Thankfulness - GIFT OF LIFE, 1995 (text: Mary Jackson Cathey)

Come! A Joyous Future Beckons - INDIAN SPRINGS, 2004 (text: Carson P. Cooman)
Commissioned by First Christian Church, Marshall, Texas for their 150th anniversary

Creator of All Nature - IN GOD’S IMAGE, 1995 (text: Beth Rice Luttrell)

Easter Means that Tombs Are Bear - GODLY COUP, 2000 (text: John Thornburg)

Glory Be to God, the Highest - PURCHASE, 2001 (text: Gracia Grindal)

God of Dove and Wind and Flame - ANOINTMENT, 1996 (text: Beth Rice Luttrell)

Church Bells (a round), 1995 (text: Mary Jackson Cathey)

God Says... - RENEWAL, 1995 (text: Mary R. Bittner)

God Turned the Spirit Loose in Wind - RENEWING SPIRIT, 1996 (text: John Core)

God's Love Abides - CALEB, 2002 (text: Carson P. Cooman)

Gracious God, We Come Confessing - CONFESSION, 1995 (text: Beth Rice Luttrell)

I Sing Your Gracious Mercies, Lord - CANTATE DEO, 1997 (text by the composer based on Psalm 89)

Jesus, Source of All Our Healing - IRCHOR, 2004 (text: Carson P. Cooman)

Keep the Kingdom Growing - FRUITFUL CHURCH, 1996 (text: Daniel B. Merrick)

Let Voices Raise - NATIVITY, 1996 (text: Carson P. Cooman)

Now is the Time to Wait - VADENT, 1999 (text: Daniel B. Merrick)

O God, You Call Us from Our Lives - MANNA, 2004 (text: Carson P. Cooman)

O God, Who Brought to Earth the New Creation - CHANNELS OF GRACE, 1996 (text: Daniel B. Merrick)

O God, Whose Love is Changeless - CHANGELESS LOVE, 1996 (text: Daniel B. Merrick)

On a Night Like Any Other - BRANCH OF JESSE, 1996 (text: James Hart Brumm)

Praise to God, Made Known to Humans - STAMJERAH, 1996 (text: James Hart Brumm)

O Magnify the Lord (a round) - O MAGNIFY THE LORD, 1999 (text from Psalm 34)

Restore to Me - TROUBLED HEART, 1996 (text: Ralph Freeman)

Sing of the Artist - PACKARD, 2002 (text: John Core/Carson P. Cooman)

Sing! A New Creation Calls Us - HYMN TO MUSIC, 1996 (text: James Hart Brumm)

Stars Share Your Splendor - STARDANCE, 1999 (text: David A. Robb)

The Angels Filled the Sky - SINGING SKIES, 1994 (text: Gracia Grindal)

The Song Is Faith - FAITHSONG, 1995 (text: John Core)

The Parting - HEAVEN’S HOME, 1997 (text: Joan Baden)

The Sound of the Lord - FORBIDDEN FRUIT, 1999 (text: John Thornburg)

The Trumpet Rang Through Sinai's Air - CHURCH UNITED, 1999 (text: John Core/Carson P. Cooman)

Who Is This Woman So Weak and Bent Over? - AUTHORITY, 1999 (text: John Thornburg)

With Hearts and with Voices - GENESEE, 1997 (text: Carson P. Cooman)
Commissioned by the Genesee Valley Presbytery

You Are My Shepherd, Lord - MY SHEPHERD, 1997 (text: Cynthia Sharp)

You Are the Christ, O Lord - PRICELESS BLESSING, 1999 (text: William Walsham How)

When Windswept Terror Sears Our Souls - OASIS, 1995 (text: David A. Robb)



Additional Hymn Tunes

A Mother’s Prayer - FOUNTAIN, 1995 (author unknown)

Almighty God, Creator of Life - CREDO, 1998 (text: Confirmation class of 1998)

As Welcome As the Stillness Is - REAL FAITH, 1996 (text: John Thornburg)

Bright the Cloud and Bright the Glory - CHANGES, 1996 (text: Carl P. Daw)

Come, Holy Spirit, Fill My Life - REFLECTION, 1995 (text: Mary Jackson Cathey)
Published by Hope Publishing

Come Praise the Lord! Come Praise Our King - RAVALLI, 2013 (text: Isaac Watts)
Published by Darcey Press in "In Melody and Songs: Hymns from the Psalm Versions of Isaac Watts"

Comforting Hands - COMFORTING HANDS, 1997 (text: Confirmation class of 1997)

God Weeps - GOD’S SORROW, 1996 (text: Shirley Erena Murray)

How Can We Know - VICTORY WON, 1995 (text: Edith Sinclair Downing)

Lord, Make Our Church a Learning Church - GOD’S PLAN, 1996 (text: Rae E. Whitney)

The Lord Proclaims His Power Aloud - MARCUS, 2013 (text: Isaac Watts)
Published by Darcey Press in "In Melody and Songs: Hymns from the Psalm Versions of Isaac Watts"

O Christ, We Pray for Those Bent Low - SILENT CRIES, 1995 (text: Edith Sinclair Downing)
Published by Selah Publishing, Inc.

The Bible Is the Word of God - GOD’S WORD, 1995 (text: Mary Jackson Cathey)

To God, with Love - ANNE’S PRAYER, 1997 (text: Anne Waugh)

When Two Who Once Were Joined as One - MARY’S SONG, 1996 (text: Mary R. Bittner)

You Are My God - TRINITY, 1996 (text: Confirmation class, 1996)

You Have a Talent, Share It - GIFTS OF GOD, 1997 (text: Joan Baden)