Choral Introits and Benedictions

Choral Introits and Benedictions (1998) collection (listed by title)

Alleluia! Jesus Lives! - Easter (text by composer), 1994

Behold the Lamb of God - Lent (text from the Bible), 1998

Come and See What God Has Done - General (text by composer), 1993

Glory, Gloria - Christmas (text by composer), 1994

Hark, the Glad Sound! - Advent (text: Philip Dodderidge), 1993

Let Us Go Forth - General (text based on the Dismissal, Book of Common Prayer), 1994

Lord, As We Leave Each Other Now - General (text by composer), 1993

Lord Jesus, Sun of Righteousness - Lent (text: tr. Anna K. LeCroy), 1998

Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days - Lent (text: Claudia Hernaman), 1994

May the Favor of the Lord Be Upon Us - General (text: Mary Jackson Cathey), 1993
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May the Lord Be with You - General (text by composer), 1993

May the Peace of God Go with You - General (text by composer), 1994

O Be Joyful in the Lord - General (text based on Psalm 100), 1993

O Come to the House of the Lord (text: Rae E. Whitney), 1996

Open Your Soul to Worship God (text: Rae E. Whitney), 1996

Praise Him, Praise Him - General (text by composer), 1993

Raise a Joyful Sound - General (text by composer), 1994

Ride On, Ride On in Majesty - Palm Sunday (text Henry Hart Milman), 1994

Sing for Joy, All the Earth - General (text by composer), 1994

This Is the Day! - with handbells (text from the Bible), 1997

What Language Shall We Borrow? - Lent (text: tr. Paul Gerhardt), 1998

Your Light to Every Sense Impart - Lent (text by composer), 1998


Additional Choral Introits

Christ’s Grace and Peace Be with You (text by Mary Jackson Cathey), 2000

Come and to Jehovah Sing - with brass quartet (text based on Psalm 95), 1997

Come, Christians, Join to Sing - with brass (text: Christian Henry Bateman), 1995

Earth, Awake! - Easter - with brass and timpani (text: John Thornburg), 2000

Go In God’s Care (text: Mary Jackson Cathey), 1995

God Is Here! - with brass and timpani (text: Fred Pratt Green), 1997

God Is So Good - combined choirs and handbells, 1994

Make A Joyful Noise - Jr. Choir (text by the composer), 1994

May Jesus Christ Be Praised - with 2 trumpets, handbells (text: German, 1800), 1996

Rejoice, Heavenly Powers! - Easter (text: Easter vigil), 1998

Sing to Our God a Joyful Song - with brass (text based on Psalm 96), 1998

Worship God with Hearts and Voices - with brass quartet (text by Mary Jackson Cathey), 2001