Solo Vocal Works

As Rain That Waters Thirsty Sand, 2002 (2.5 min)
for Mom on her 80th birthday
Medium Voice and Piano
Text: David A. Robb

Songs of Light and Hope 2000-03 (7.5 min.)
Medium Voice (bar. or mez.) and Piano
  1. From Dawn's First Song (for Frank Martignetti)
  2. Horizon of Hope (for John Thornburg)
  3. This Is a Light-Year (for Carson, Christmas 2003)
Text: John Thornburg
Published by Zimbel Press
Download MP3 files of this work: song 1, song 2, song 3.

What Song Can We Sing?, 2003 (3 min.)
Soprano, Oboe, and Organ
Text: John Thornburg
Commissioned by Carson Cooman

You Are My Shepherd, Lord, 1997 (2 min.)
Tenor Solo and Keyboard
Text: Cynthia Sharp

You Are the Silver, You Are the Gold!, 2002 (2 min.)
for Dave and Ethel Robb
Medium Voice and Piano
Text: David A. Robb